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Program for Technical Standard

Program of Technical standard (PTS) is an IT-based management system for controlling and supporting its building process. This system aims to strengthen the client’s role through active assumption of responsibility, for acting correctly from start, involving clear instructions, guidelines that set value related goals and good solutions that can be reused. The standard rooms are the good example of solutions in Program of Technical standard and contains all demands of the room such as interior equipment and functional-requirements together with visualizations of the rooms. The standard rooms are used to make general solutions for wards and clinics. It is valuable for the County Council that premises are general and flexible so they can be used for different purposes.

The guidelines in Program of Technical standard set the overall value and demand of standards but the particular requirements are specified in the technical and functional chapter in Program of Technical standard. Guidelines such as acoustics, fire preventions, environmental requirements, hygienic and accessibility (disability). In the technical part of Program of Technical standard there are complementary and clarifying requirements for building regulations and legislation and Sweden's law for health- and medical care.

Ten of the twenty two members of the Real Estate organization of County Councils in Sweden use and are part-owners to Program of Technical standard. Each part-owner has one representative person in the board of Program of Technical standard. The board make the decision of the framework for how and when the IT-system should be updated. For example Program of Technical standard will be regularly updated after collecting information from the client, contractor, tenants and experience from building projects. Also if the healthcare change their workflow or a new treatment method, Program of Technical standard will be updated with new demands and information.

Regionfastigheter aims to lower their costs by acting correctly from start. At the planning-stage many unnecessary issues and investigations are avoided thanks to clear and detailed requirements. By using Program of Technical standard the Real Estate organizations will get a more efficient process and customers can decrease their time and participation in the early-stages. This is due to doing right and correct from the start and use proven solutions. It is also easier to involve new participants since the process and the requirements are documented in detail. When Regionfastigheter use Program of Technical standard, errors will be minimized, since errors will be noted, verified and processed in Program of Technical standard.Some description